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Facebook ™ Live Series

Kellum's Canvas: Bringing Spaces To Life

Unveiling the art of 3D in Real Estate and Design

Every Sunday at 4 PM EST

Grow Your Vision


Welcome to 'Kellum's Canvas: Bringing Spaces to Life,' an exclusive Live series tailored for real estate and design professionals eager to revolutionize their visual presentations. Dive into the world of 3D rendering with Kellum Blackwell, exploring innovative techniques to transform sketches into stunning, sale-enhancing visuals.

This series isn't just about creating 3D models—it's about mastering the art of visual storytelling, enhancing client engagement, and elevating your market presence. Ready to reshape the way you showcase properties and designs? Join us in 'Kellum's Canvas' and start your journey to visual mastery.

Imagine transforming every sketch into a stunning 3D masterpiece that captivates your clients and accelerates your sales. Welcome to 'Kellum's Canvas: Bringing Spaces to Life,' where each episode unlocks the secrets of 3D rendering, tailored for the ambitious real estate and design professional. Join Kellum Blackwell, a maestro in 3D visualization, as she takes you through the nuances of creating visuals that don't just illustrate but inspire.

Dive into a world where design meets technology, where every line and texture tells a story. From revealing the latest tools and techniques to showcasing real-life project transformations, this series is your weekly dose of inspiration and practical knowledge. Whether you're looking to refine your skills or revolutionize your presentations, 'Kellum's Canvas' is your gateway to mastering the art of 3D rendering.

Don't miss out on this journey to elevate your design and sales prowess. Subscribe now and join a community of professionals who are reshaping the world of real estate and interior design, one rendering at a time. Tune in, transform your approach, and watch your visions come to life like never before.

What You'll Learn Every Sunday

3D Rendering Techniques & Tools

Delve into the essentials of 3D rendering, exploring various software, advanced techniques, and tools necessary for creating realistic and engaging visuals.

Real Estate Visualization Strategies

Focus on the effective use of 3D renderings in real estate, including strategies for virtual staging, enhancing property listings, and using visualizations to facilitate quicker sales.

Design Collaboration & Client Communication

Explore best practices in collaborating with clients, effective communication strategies, and translating client needs into compelling 3D designs.

Project Showcases & Case Studies

Featuring specific projects, discussing challenges, solutions, and outcomes, providing real-world examples and insights into the 3D rendering process.


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